Core Maths

Core Maths

Teaching Core Maths this year?

This Core Maths Workgroup is just right for you!


What is the rationale for this workgroup?

There has been an increased up-take of Core Maths with the introduction of funding for post-16 mathematics

Teachers new to or early on in teaching Core Maths are still seeking support in structuring the course and resources

To provide a SW London group to support Core Maths development in the wider area


This workgroup is being run by Graeme Morphew at

Orleans Park School, Twickenham. 


The aims of the workgroup are:

To develop strategies for teaching Core maths

To share expertise

To share resources

To support one another with exam preparation

We are seeking participants who are teaching Core Maths for the first time or who have taught Core maths before. 

Participants from schools who are thinking about offering Core maths are also welcome to join but the group is ideally suited to participants who have a Core Maths class to teach or who can attend Core Maths classes at their institutions. 

The workgroup would meet 5 times this academic year, once every half term (dates TBC) to discuss trialling of teaching methods and resources for teaching Core Maths.


First meeting
Thursday 1st November 3.45-4.45 at Orleans Park School, Twickenham

If you are interested in getting more information about this workgroup, please email


Supporing Core Maths


This project provides support for departments offering Core Maths by enabling teachers to develop robust teaching approaches through collaboration and effective use of existing resources. The Work Group is run in partnership between the Maths Hubs network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). Participants will gain understanding of the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving, and will appreciate the different Core Maths courses and be able to choose the one appropriate for their students.