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There are a range of professional development opportunities for Post-16 maths teachers and senior leaders with the Maths Hub.  This is an offer which is co-funded by Maths Hubs and Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP)

NB: In 2021-22 we hope to have a blended approach to our Work Groups (mix of face-to-face and online).  We will of course be following national guidelines. 

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Developing A Level Pedagogy –  This project provides national support for the effective development of pedagogy in the teaching of A level Mathematics to enhance the quality of teaching and the conceptual understanding of students. Its aim is to develop and sustain regional communities of practice involving collaboration between teachers. The focus is on developing pedagogy in A level Maths teaching, and developing participants as leaders of A level teaching professional development in their own school or college.

Developing Core Maths Pedagogy This project gives teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support open-ended problem solving skills.

We work closely with the 5 other London Maths Hubs who are offering other Post-16 opportunities:

Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit

NEW to Core Maths 

These involves a direct working partnership between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

Train to be a PD Lead (specialising in Secondary or A Level ) and work with us in the future to lead some of our Work Groups!

Quotes from participants who took part in this Work Group last year:

“This Work Group has highlighted aspects of my teaching that I can improve on day to day.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to think about the development of my teaching.”

“Every session has given me loads of ideas for teaching.”