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Y5 – Y8 Continuity

Work Group Outline

Work Groups in this project aim to strengthen the transition from primary to secondary school by focusing on curriculum and pedagogical continuity over Years 5 to 8.

Participation involves cross-phase communication between teachers, and a key feature will be understanding
how best to prioritise key aspects of the curriculum to ensure pupils have mastered the fundamental understanding
and skills they need to progress successfully through upper KS2 and into KS3.

What is involved?

Participants benefit from discussion, activity and expert input during the equivalent of three days of face-to-face
(or online) Work Group meetings. School-based tasks to complete and reflect upon between meetings mean
there is also hands-on classroom input. Meetings and tasks include consideration of the primary maths ‘Ready-to-
Progress’ criteria and the NCETM Checkpoints activities. Using these materials will support getting pupils’ maths
education back on track following the disruption due to Covid.

A lesson study approach is encouraged where all participants focus on a particular aspect of the maths curriculum and work collaboratively to develop this in their schools. Cross-phase classroom observation and discussion of practice is encouraged wherever possible. Consideration of the primary maths Ready-to-Progress criteria and the NCETM Checkpoints activities will be a common feature of all Work Groups.

Who can take part?

Participants should be teachers of Years 5-8 in primary, secondary, middle school and all-through schools who have some responsibility for curriculum development, e.g. primary school maths leads/secondary heads of department.

Linked ‘families’ of schools are encouraged to take part: ideally teachers from secondary schools and some of their associated primary schools will work together.

To find out more information, please click here for the flyer. 

Expression of Interest form is here

We are hoping to run two of these Work Groups.  Dates and times below are for Group 1.  Group 2 will be released soon. 

Dates and Times Group 1:

Monday 11th Oct 21 (13:00- 15:00) – Fox Primary

Monday 22nd Nov 21 (13:00- 15:00) – Online

Monday 10th Jan 22 (13:00- 15:00) – Online

Monday 7th Feb 22 (13:00- 15:00) – Online

Monday 14th Mar 22 (10:00- 14:00) – School-based lesson study 1

Monday 9th May (10:00- 14:00) – School-based lesson study 2

Monday 13th Jun 22  (13:00-15:00) – Fox Primary

Venue/Online details for Group 1

This is a blended approach (with some sessions online and some face-to-face.

When face-to-face, venue will be Fox Primary School Professional Development Suite, Kensington Place, W8 7PP (nearest tube station is Notting Hill Gate)

NB: Lunch will not be provided but there are local shops nearby.

If interested, please contact

*The London Central and West Maths Hub reserves the right to charge a £75 fee for non-attendance to the sessions or for cancellations to any of the sessions with less than 14 days’ notice.  When applying, please also state your local Primary and Secondary schools who may also benefit from this experience.