Bridging the Gap: NQTs/RQTs

The school year 20/21 will be substantially affected by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. It is recognised that Work Groups may need to be adapted and offer some flexibility in order for schools and participants to complete the work required.

This Work Group is for NQTs or RQTs who are working with disadvantaged pupils who have significant attainment gaps in maths. The Work Group will support teachers to:
 Identify the underlying gaps in number which hold children back

 Create interventions which close those gaps using a structured small steps approach

 Find sustainable ways to manage intervention programmes including peer-led game-based learning

By attending this Work Group, NQTs/RQTs will become more familiar with the DfE’s new Ready to Progress Criteria and the wealth of existing resources available to them in the NCETM’s PD materials. Participants will also be provided with FREE physical resources which will be explored in the training sessions and can be used in school.

Sessions will initially be held online via Zoom. For this reason, it would be highly beneficial if schools can send two colleagues to the Work Group so that they can support each other and trial activities and approaches together.

As part of the Work Group activities, participants will assess at least two children to identify gaps in number, devise a bespoke intervention programme for both children and write up a case study about at least one.

What is the cost?

The Work Group is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and so is free to participating schools.
NB: The Maths Hub does reserve the right to charge £75 per session for non-attendance with less than 1 weeks’ notice.

What does it involve?

There will be four Work Group meetings, initially held online, with interim tasks in school. Schools will also need to ensure that participants have the equivalent of two additional half days to set up and/or deliver the intervention work and complete the case study. The case study will support the dissemination of the work in the participants’ own school.

What will I learn? This Work Group will help participants to:
 Understand in greater depth how children develop secure number sense

 Reflect on different ways to deliver intervention work

 Understand the power of game-based learning to reverse entrenched underachievement

 Increase knowledge and understanding of the newly published DfE Ready-to-Progress criteria with a particular focus on the development of number

Dates and Times:
All sessions will be ONLINE on Mondays, from 9 – 12.30pm

The sessions will include breaks and time to test out activities so will not be entirely screen based.  1st Feb, 1st Mar, 26th April, 24th May

To apply for a place on this Work Group, follow the link HERE

For further information please e-mail