2018-19 Maths Hub Strategic Priorities

Local Leaders of Maths Education – sufficient supply

(effective deployment of these people)

Develop knowledge and practice of EYFS practioners

(all pupils should have secure foundation so they benefit from mastery in KS1)

Embed mastery in primary schools

(making sure children are fully prepared for the secondary curriculum, mastery enabling them to make sense rather than just remember, mastering maths so they can build)

Embed mastery in secondary schools and supporting the new GCSE 1-9

(transition from KS2 and preparing for GCSE)

Level 3 Maths Support Programme

(schools/colleges receive effective support for increased participation – Core Maths, AS/A Level, Further Maths)

Work with ITE/SKE providers to support recruitment and preparation of new teachers

(important to invest in this)

Develop management capacity to support schools and colleges

(Opportunity Areas/meeting needs of most disadvantaged areas)

mastery assessment materials: