Core Maths

Numbers of students studying Level 3 Core Mathematics courses are on the rise, thanks in part to some Universities offering reduced offers to students having the qualification. This course aims to help teachers of Core Mathematics support their students by sharing resources, focusing on the pedagogy of topics such as Fermi estimation and working collaboratively on the pre-liminary materials for the course.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Participants will understand the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving, appreciate the different Core Maths qualifications available, and be able to choose the course appropriate for their students
  • Through collaboration and experimentation, participants will develop improved teaching approaches that fit the open-ended problem-solving skills students need to develop, and share these with departmental colleagues
  • Participant departments will support the role of Core Maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to other teaching
  • Students in participant schools and colleges will take and succeed at Core Maths in increasing numbers.

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Nearest Core Maths Work Group is at St Marylebone School (still taking participants):