Core Maths

Core Maths

What is the rationale for this workgroup?

  • All schools and colleges have a responsibility to prepare students for the modern workforce and the needs of their wider lives.
  • Students with a GCSE 4+ who do no maths in Years 12 and 13 often need maths at university or in their careers.
  • Many schools/colleges need effective and economical support to embark on this new qualification

This workgroup is being run by Ingrid Kosch at Teddington School and 5 schools are involved in the workgroup.


Core Maths in the light of the new funding formula
for Post-16 Mathematics

The government has given details of the extra funding available for additional students studying Mathematics post-16.

Core Maths may be the ideal choice for students requiring a continuation of Mathematics to support their other subjects.  The up-take of Core Maths is increasing and the extra funding might ensure that there is no additional cost to offering Core Maths to students taking specific subjects post-16.

This workshop

  • introduces Core Maths concepts
  • builds understanding of support Core Maths offers to other subjects
  • explains the funding available
  • This workshop is aimed at Heads of Department or i/c KS5 Mathematics.  Participation is free of charge. Lunch provided.



Thursday 21st June 2018: 1.30pm – 4pm


Teddington School

Broom Road


TW11 9PJ



*The London Central and West Maths Hub reserves the right to charge a £75 fee for non-attendance to the sessions or for cancellations to any of the sessions with less than 14 days’ notice.

Activity (including participants) Location When/how often
Initial meeting Aim: to get work group established (IK to present to KS5 group regarding project) Teddington School Friday 20th October 2017
Interim meetings with sub-groups of work group AIM: to assist WGL in planning
– IK, SH, JM, CH. To discuss questionnaire
Teddington School Friday 10th November 2017
Creation of appropriate survey IK & TS staff Teddington School Autumn term 2017
Meeting Monday 29th January November Aim: to ratify survey (IK to email proposal ahead of meeting)

Meeting Monday 14th May Aim: To plan for training day

Hampton High

Twickenham School

Monday 29th January

Monday 14th May


Survey 1 of A-level teachers in Waldegrave, Teddington and Orleans Park At host schools By February half term
Collation of survey results (IK and SH) Within own schools By start of summer term
Meeting with Heads of Sixth Forms TS Waldegrave and OP By end of June 2018
Core Maths CPD for Maths teachers AIM to understand rationale behind core maths Teddington School Summer term 2018

By the end of the workgroup project is is hoped that:

a) We have hard and fast evidence locally for the need to offer Core maths

b) We know what core maths to have offered in the schools

c) We will have local schools know there need (as they are involved)

d) We will have teachers engaged through a training/INSET/CPD day

For the other part of the project it is hoped that:

a) The surveys are used as evidence to 6th form leaders or school heads

b) We hopefully set up at least one local school to be teaching core maths

c) We will have made contact with local colleges to see what they provide and get a link in to them


If you are interested in getting more information about this workgroup, please email