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Developing Pedagogy in A Level Maths

After the first assessment period for the new 2017 A-level mathematics specifications the need for embedding of the over-arching themes is clear (Proof, problem solving, modelling, use of the large data set). This work group will examine the Pedagogy and embedding of these themes into mathematics departments through academic research and examine effective use of existing resources in lessons. (Note this course includes some academic reading and discussion).

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for any teacher who has already delivered the A-level specification and would like specific support in delivering over-arching themes in Pedagogically sound way, however knowledge of the AS specification would be acceptable. Please note that this is not a subject development course and knowledge of the relevant mathematics will be assumed.

Intended Outcomes:

Participant leaders of A level teaching and experienced teachers will:

  • know the requirements of the new A level Mathematics
  • understand the purpose of the overarching themes
  • be confident in teaching new aspects of pedagogy
  • become a part of a developing community of practice.

Schools and colleges of participant teachers will:

  • improve the capacity of staff to teach A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • see students develop a more joined-up view of the subject and be better prepared for the new style of linear exams.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Teachers will attend five face to face sessions, they will read academic papers and discuss these at the work group sessions. They will complete small gap tasks, trialling resources with their students and share results with the wider group. They will also take part in the work group evaluation process by completing a ‘Participant Survey’.

Who is leading the Work Group?

Gemma Boyle, Level 3 lead London Central and West maths hub, AMSP area coordinator

Dates and Session Themes:


Venue/Online details: 


NB: All our Work Groups will start after October half term and they will start with online sessions until at least January

To register your interest please email the work group lead at

*The London Central and West Maths Hub reserves the right to charge a £75 fee for non-attendance to the sessions or for cancellations to any of the sessions with less than 14 days’ notice.