EYFS Mathematical Language

Mathematical Language Development in EYFS

The importance of language as an indicator for a child’s educational success has long been established.  This Work Group will focus on the development of language skills, in particular mathematical language, identifying best practice by promoting a variety in language use and how questions can be utilised to elicit deeper thinking.

This Work Group is for school based practitioners leading the planning and provision of mathematics in Early Years.  Ideally it would include two participants from each school; one practitioner from the classroom and one who has a leadership role within the school. It would particularly suit those who are not EYFS specialists.

It involves 3 days across the Spring and Summer terms with the second day meeting up with other participants in different settings to see and discuss their provision.  It will also include gap tasks and action research between each session.


Wednesday 21st February 2018: 9-3:30pm

Gap Task

Tuesday 20th March 2018: 9-11:30pm or 1-3:30pm

(This second day will be held at host schools who volunteer from the Work Group and timings will depend on their school day – ideally participants will be matched in groups of 3 for this second day)

Gap Task

April 2018 (exact date and time to be discussed)

Possibly half an hour skype meeting/phone call with the Work Group Lead to check how things are going.

Tuesday 8th May 2018: 9-3:30pm


Day 1 and 3

Fox Primary School

Kensington Place

W8 7PP

Day 2

TBC on Day 1 when schools have been matched


Contact: michelle.foster@lcwmathshub.co.uk