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Headteacher Advocate Role

We are incredibly excited to have these roles within our hub team!  As we know, the key to change happening in schools is Headteacher support and therefore working with Headteachers who have been on their own journey with the Maths Hub is very useful. 

Who are our Headteacher Advocates?

  • Ben McMullen – Headteacher of Ashburnham Community School in Chelsea.

Ben used to be one of the Hub Leads when Maths Hubs first came about and he leads on many professional development courses for teachers and leaders.

  • Adrian Jones (Headteacher of St Thomas’s CE Primary, North Kensington) 
  • Sarah Boutte (Executive Headteacher of St Thomas’s CE Primary and St Clements and St James)

Adrian was on the teaching for mastery programme himself in 2017-18 as one of the lead teachers and St Thomas’ have a Mastery Specialist (Katie) in their school.   

This role will be growing next year but if you feel your school would like some bespoke support from a headteacher who has been on the programme themselves, then please do get in touch with  You can see two out of the three advocates in the videos below.