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Mastering Number

Mastering Number Programme:

Reception and Key Stage 1

In 2021/22, all Maths Hubs will organise communities of schools following the Mastering Number Programme. This programme will develop solid number sense, including fluency and flexibility with number facts, which will have a lasting impact on future learning for all children. The programme will also involve high quality professional development for teachers.

We are now seeking to recruit schools to join the Work Groups for this programme.

A school’s participation involves teachers from each of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (in one-form entry schools), the maths subject lead, and the headteacher. In small schools, there may be just one or two participating class teachers. In larger, multi-form schools, it is expected that lead teachers support colleagues in Reception and KS1 to adopt the same approach in their classes, to ensure consistency across the school.

Please see the flyer below and application form here.

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