Mastery Open Lessons

Mastery Open Lessons

London Central and West invites you to Fox Primary School to see ‘mastery in action’.  There will be a chance to have some discussion afterwards in a teacher research group (TRG) about what you noticed and how this could help embedding mastery in your own setting.  Afterwards you will also have access to a google drive which will have flips and relevant resources.  This is aimed at school leaders and/or subject leaders who are developing their understanding of mastery and are considering being part of the programme next academic year.


Wednesday 14th March 2018: 8:45 – 12:00

Early Years and KS1 mastery in action morning

Wednesday 21st March 2018: 8:45 – 12:00

KS2 mastery in action morning


8:45 – Arrival

9:00 – Watch a mastery lesson in one class

10:00 – Mini discussion and networking

10:15 – Watch a mastery lesson in another class

11:15/30 – Discussion using TRG proforma

12:00 – Finish


Fox Primary School

Kensington Place

W8 7PP