Post-16 Leadership

Rationale for this work group:

  • Driving participation in post-16 level 3 mathematics as required by the Maths to 18 agenda.
  • Smith Review Report recommendations 1.
  • DfE Post 16 Programmes of Study Guidance; Level 3 mathematics p13
  • This is looking at participation in the post-16 new GCSE resit, Core Maths, new A levels in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
  • International comparisons as evidence.
  • Increase in participation in A levels over past 12 years; ameliorate any possible adverse impact of the new GCSE and funding issues.
  • Supporting implementation of the Smith Review and the Industrial Strategy Green Paper.
  • Support inclusive pathways in schools/colleges in post-16 mathematics, e.g. girls.
  • Provide bespoke local support and approaches to implement Level 3 mathematics pathways.

Note: This Work Group is about supporting Institutional/System Leaders to increase the range of their Post 16 mathematics offer. It is NOT about supporting departmental/faculty heads in their important role.

Activity (including participants) When/how often
Meetings of work group to plan and evaluate


Initial meeting with sub-group of work group: design questionnaire Friday 10th November 2017
Meeting of WG plus additional interested teachers of maths AIM: present questionnaire and discuss improvements Monday 27th November 2017
Research (SH)
Researching different Core Maths specifications for links with other subjects
Researching different boards assessment material for Core Maths
Survey (IK)
Survey of current post-16 provision (leads of KS5 maths or HoDs)


By February half term
Collecting and analyse data on post 16 choices


By February half term
Meetings with Leadership (IK)
Initial meeting with head of school AIM: overview of role and aims. Discuss new budget funding Thursday 23rd November 2017
Initial meeting with head of TS 6th form By end of autumn term
Presenting findings to leadership (eg head of school, head of 6th form, deputy heads i/c curriculum offer)


June 2018

Here are the intended outcomes as a result of this workgroup:

  • Increase institutional/system leaders knowledge and awareness of various post 16 pathways
  • Informed nderstanding of how Core Maths can support other post-16 qualifications
  • Increased awareness of different potential modes of delivery for each pathway (eg 1 year Core Maths).
  • Supporting schools to open pathways for pupils and groups of pupils
  • Informed understanding by schools of the impact of taking up Core Maths on their funding and provision
  • Increased pupil participation (long term aim)
  • Current year 10 pupils in target schools aware what Core Maths is

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