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Primary Newsletters

Each term the London Central and West Admin team send out newsletters.  These notify you of upcoming opportunities we are recruiting for and research to be aware of.  You can find a collection of these on this page.



Issue 1: Sent on 21/09/20 (Introduction to 2020-21)

Issue 2: Sent on 14/10/20 (Recruitment for four Work Groups)

Issue 3: Sent on 22/10/20 (NumberBlocks Flyer and Number Talks Flyer)

Issue 4: Sent on 16/11/20 (Proportional Reasoning, EYFS, Good Practice Network Meetings)

Issue 5: Sent on 01/12/20 ( NQT/RQTs new Project and new dates for Proportional Reasoning)

Issue 6: Sent on 29/01/21 (Support with remote teaching and learning)

Issue 7: Sent on 02/03/21 (Webinar on NCETM’s curriculum prioritisation resources)

Issue 8: Sent on 06/05/21 (Recruitment now open for 2021-22 Work Groups)

Issue 9: Sent on 18/05/21 (Recruitment for Mastery Specialist)

Issue 10: Sent on 20/05/21 (NEW Mastering Number Programme Reception/KS1)

Issue 11: Sent on 24/05/21 (Recruitment for Primary Mastery Lead)

Issue 12: Sent on 24/06/21 (Dates released for Y5-Y8, Primary ECT, Primary)

Issue 13: Sent on 07/07/21 (Dates now released for EYFS and TA)

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