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There are so many professional development opportunities for secondary maths teachers and senior leaders this year.

NB: Until at least January all our professional development will be hosted online.  Following national guidelines, we hope in 2021 to run sessions face-to-face. There will be no sessions starting until after October half term 2020.

Click to see a PDF of all the Secondary and Post-16 opportunities


  • Teaching for Mastery Programme – this is led by 9 Primary Mastery Specialists across our 6 boroughs.  There is a journey that your school would take from Developing to Embedding and then to Sustaining this approach.  The programme is completely FREE and your school does get some funding to contribute to release time.  Please also have a look on the NCETM website for more details or get in touch with us directly.
  • Challenging Topics at GCSE – This will focus on participant teachers working together to ‘unpick’ (i.e. analyse, deconstruct and trace through the curriculum) a challenging topic from GCSE Mathematics. Participants will develop insight into the associated difficulties and misconceptions to support teaching in the short term, but also consider the implications for longer term curriculum design.
  • Mathematical Thinking at GCSE -This is for secondary maths teachers looking for practical and theoretical elements to address their students’ GCSE attainment.
  • Y5-Y8 Continuity – Central to the Work Group is the promotion of cross phase communication between teachers to address issues of maths knowledge and learning transition as distinct from pastoral considerations. Whilst many Work Groups will focus on using Multiplicative Reasoning resources, Work Groups can explore any aspect of the KS2/3 curriculum
  • Train to be a PD Lead (specialising in Secondary or A Level ) and work with us in the future to lead some of our Work Groups!
  • Train to be a  Secondary Mastery Specialist