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Secondary and Post-16 Newsletters

Each term the London Central and West Admin team send out newsletters. These notify you of upcoming opportunities we are recruiting for and research to be aware of. You can find a collection of these on this page.


Issue 1: Sent on 08.07.21 (Dates for Developing Core Maths Pedagogy and Developing A Level Pedagogy Work Groups)

Issue 2 Sent on 20.07.21 (Dates for Subject Leadership, Y7-11 Coherence, Specialist Knowledge for Secondary Early Career Teachers, Mathematical Thinking at GCSE)

Issue 3: Sent on 09/09/21 (Welcome to new academic year and recruitment for Y5-Y8, Y7-11 Coherence, Mathematical Thinking, SKTM ECTs, Subject Leadership, Developing A Level Pedagogy and Core Maths)

Issue 4: Sent on 05/10/21 (Secondary Maths Lead Network meeting, recruitment for  Y7-11 Coherence, Mathematical Thinking, SKTM ECTs, Subject Leadership and Secondary provision overview)

Issue 5: Sent on 02/11/21 (Recruitment for Secondary Subject Leadership, Y7-11 Coherence, Mathematical Thinking at GCSE and SKTM for Early Career Teachers)

Issue 6: Sent on 10/12/21 (Recruitment for Y7-11 Coherence)

Issue 7: Sent on 05/01/22 (FREE Core Maths Webinar led by Tom Button and Tom Rainbow)

Issue 8: Sent on 21/02/22 (Join us for our Secondary Head of Department Network Meeting)

Issue 9: Sent on 09/03/22 (Local Leaders in Mathematics Education Programmes 2022/23 💫)

Issue 10: Sent on 17/03/22 (Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Secondary Non-Specialist Teachers)

Issue 11: Sent on 17/05/22 (Join us at the London Summer Key Stage 5 Teaching Conference 🌟)

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