Secondary Engagement Events

Teaching for Mastery in Key Stage 3,4 and 5

An introduction into Variation Theory

We welcome ALL teachers of Mathematics.

This event will introduce you to the key ideas of variation theory.

Not all tasks and exercises lead to mathematical thought. Variation will allow you to develop tasks and exercises that draw attention to underlying mathematical ideas.

Use classroom time more effectively, focussing on quality rather than quantity. Ensure that students are involved in intelligent practice

Direct students’ attention and  encourage  thoughtfulness  in

early acquisition.

There are two Secondary Schools hosting this Engagement Event:


Date and Venue 1:

22 June 2018: 11.30 – 2pm


Teddington School

Broom Road,


TW11 9EJ


Date and Venue 2:

10th July 2018: 4:45pm – 6pm

The Green School for Girls

Busch Corner

London Road