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Sustaining Mastery (Year 3)

This is open to schools who have worked with Maths Hub on the teaching for mastery programme before and are not currently doing Readiness, Developing or Embedding. 

Introducing teaching for mastery to a primary school takes a couple of years atleast. Ensuring that it becomes a routine part of school life requires ongoing attention.
That’s why all Maths Hubs are running what are called Primary Teaching for Mastery Sustaining Work Groups in 2020/21. These are open to all schools who entered the main Teaching for Mastery Programme between 2015 and 2018. The aim is to build on work done previously and to work collaboratively within and across schools. Schools will use mastery approaches consistently and improve learning in maths by strengthening leadership, refining systems and designing curriculum and lessons which allow all children to achieve. The Work Group combines six workshop sessions spread out over the year, led by the Work Group Lead (usually a MasterySpecialist). Acknowledging the special Coronavirus circumstances still with us, Work Groups in 2020/21 will particularly focus on curriculum recovery. They will help schools to help pupils make up for lost time through concentrating on what really matters and by providing a network of mutual support and expert guidance. Focusing on the areas of the curriculum that support all other maths learning is a key facet of teaching for mastery.

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We still have a few places left and this Work Group will not be starting until Autumn 2.  Please do get in touch to ask any further questions: