Teaching for Mastery

Teaching for Mastery

Primary Mastery Specialists and visiting teachers from Shanghai

fOur Primary Mastery Specialists have begun their work with the Work Groups schools they are supporting in developing Teaching for Mastery. We have received excellent feedback from schools involved and from our Cohort 2 Mastery Specialists about the impact of the NCETM’s training on their practice. If you are interested in becoming a Primary Mastery Specialist next year then, please get in touch. You will receive extensive training from the NCETM on implementing Teaching for Mastery within your own school and how to support others. In addition, £3000 will be given to your school in the first year followed by £6000 in the second.

Equally, if you are interested in developing Teaching for Mastery in your school and would like to be supported by a Mastery Specialist, please contact us. Two teachers from each school will receive termly support visits from a specialist as well as attend half termly TRGs with other schools in the cluster. Each school receives £1000 towards supply costs and £2000 funding towards textbooks.

Two of our Mastery Specialists, Jon East and Valentine Wilkins, were lucky enough to travel to Shanghai last month to observe maths teaching. Despite their already extensive knowledge of Teaching for Mastery, they were amazed by the level of learning they witnessed and have brought back lots of exciting ideas. Between Monday 9th January and Thursday 18th January, two of the teachers they worked with in Shanghai will come to London to teach in Years 2 and 3 at Ashburnham Community School in Chelsea.

To take part in an observation and discussion please contact michelle.foster@lcwmathshub.co.uk


Click here for information and application to become a Work Group School tfm16_17_workgroup_information_applicaton

Click here for information and application to become a Primary Mastery Specialist: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/news/51599