Y5-Y8 Continuity

Y5 – Y8 Continuity

Fractions, ratio and proportion have been given a much greater focus in both the recent KS2 and KS3 curriculums and this is also reflected in the new GCSE exams. Deepening pupils understanding of the underlying multiplicative mathematics is crucial to supporting progress across KS2, into KS3 and beyond.

This tried and tested Work Group model allows KS2 and KS3 teachers to work together, using specifically designed lessons and research-based professional development materials, to focus on the most effective teaching and learning approaches in this area.

This Work Group is for teachers from primary schools or secondary maths departments looking to improve teaching and learning and develop greater continuity of approach across KS2 and KS3 in this significant area of the curriculum. Where possible teachers from linked feeder primary and secondary schools would be ideal.

Teachers will:

  • Deepen understanding of multiplicative relationships and develop confidence in the planning and classroom use of the most effective models for developing pupil understanding of topics connected to fractions, ratio and proportion.
  • Gain experience and insight into effective collaborative professional development practices including opportunities to lead professional development in their own school or department.

Schools and departments will:

  • Have opportunities to develop greater continuity in teaching approaches across KS2 and into KS3 and begin to develop a more coherent curriculum for pupils as they move from KS2 into KS3.

Schools involved will need to commit to the release of the same nominated teacher(s) for all three workshops and to support them in the gap tasks. This will include supporting wider staff engagement with a Lesson Study, between workshops, on one of the project lessons. The school will also support teachers in summarising and evaluating the impact of their participation in the Work Group.



Friday 12th January 12:30-4:30pm

Friday 23rd March 12pm

Friday 18th May 12pm


Teddington School

Broom Road,


TW11 9PJ

Contact: michelle.foster@lcwmathshub.co.uk