SLE School Improvement

Improving Maths provision in small groups: a new collaborative route to school improvement

In this work group a small group of schools (ideally six) will work together with an expert in maths-specific professional development (Ruth Williams, Maths SLE) to find shared solutions to common challenges in maths teaching and learning.

This work group is aimed at a group of schools requiring support with maths school improvement.  They are schools that are willing to work with other schools, led by an SLE.  Each participant school would commit one or two lead teachers to take part in the Work Group, with an undertaking that an SLT member from each school would also engage with the SLE.  Teachers will need to be released for around seven half days during the school year.  Lead teachers would be key stage leads or those with a keen interest in maths’ provision.

What’s involved?

-Initial, early workshop with all participants, including SLT, to frame future work.

-School-based workshops with all teacher participants throughout the year, led by the SLE, focusing variously on lesson observation, variation, planning, design, marking and assessing pupils’ work.

-Maths SLE visits to individual schools

-End of year evaluation workshop



Induction Workshop (HT/SLT member and the 1-2 lead teachers)

Tuesday 21st November 1-4pm


School based workshops (1-2 lead teachers)

Monday 8th January 1-4pm

Monday 5th February 1-4pm

Monday 26th March 1-4pm


Evaluation Workshop (HT/SLT and the 1-2 lead teachers)

Monday 21st May 1-4pm



This is to be decided but each school involved will be expected to host one of the above dates




Places are extremely limited so please email as soon as possible to secure your place.  Once you have contacted us, your school be required to sign a contract to show your commitment to the workgroup.